Leiloeira São Domingos

Calçada João do Carmo, 31 4150-426 Porto - Portugal

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In many ways, there is a natural affinity with art in all of us. Long term commitment is essential for the success of a company, and this is where Leiloeira São Domingos, specialized in Antiques and both Modern and Contemporary Art, stands out. From our privileged location on the northern banks of the River Douro, in Porto, we hold 4 annual auctions between the months of March and December.

April, July, September and a Christmas auction in early December.

Since the company’s foundation in 2004, our team of professionals and experts work tirelessly to guarantee value, security and growth to our clients and business partners.

Based on our solid international network of experts, collectors, and buyers we are able to confidently offer our clients, both buyers and sellers, a reliable and safe platform through which they can buy and sell their pieces.

At Leiloeira São Domingos, we are committed to helping our clients in identifying the age and cultural value of their pieces, in order to guarantee a responsible purchase and sale of these.

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Leiloeira São Domingos - מכירה 90

חלק ב'
Antiques & Objets d’Art

שעה בישראל: 23:00

Leiloeira São Domingos - מכירה 90

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Antiques & Objects d’Art

שעה בישראל: 23:00