Leilão 4 ASTAKING modern and contemporary art
 via Stampa Soncino, 7 21047 Saronno (Va)

An old Italian proverb tells us that "Everyone is King of their own home".

Our imagination makes us run through the homes of each of you, trying to guess which wall we could raise from the status of a wall to that of an exhibition of an extraordinary artwork. 

Like the ones we present in ASTAKING. 

A collection of nearly 170 paintings and sculptures, graphics and photography. 

Explore the catalog to discover our cover, a Keith Haring poster, a unique piece with his original signature on the occasion of the exhibition. Or a splendid ceramic by Fausto Melotti. And still unique pieces by Jannis Kounellis and Agostino Bonalumi. 

And many other intriguing works, from quality graphics to gems, passing through works by artists who have made the history of art with market prices still far from their real value.

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POMODORO ARNALDO Morciano di Romagna (Rm) 1926 stele (rotante) 1970 Argento e...

Morciano di Romagna (Rm) ...

Vendido por: €750
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€2 000 - €3 000
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Morciano di Romagna (Rm) 1926

stele (rotante)

Argento e acciaio esemplare p.a.
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