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VALLOIS MATHURINE DE: (fl.1589-fl.1627) French jester at the courts of Kings Henry III, Henry IV and Louis XIII of ...

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VALLOIS MATHURINE DE: (fl.1589-fl.1627) French jester at the courts of Kings Henry III, Henry IV and Louis XIII of France. L.S., Mathurine de Vallois, five pages, folio, Paris, 19th July 1618. The letter relates to a quotation for carpentry work to be undertaken at a house in Paris, located on the Rue des Petits-Champs where Vallois had an apartment. Boldly signed at the conclusion and countersigned by three unidentified individuals. Accompanied by a carbon typed copy of a letter from an unknown collector, most likely a previous owner of the jester's letter, to Henry D. Sedgwick, dated 5th March 1934 and stating, in part, 'Not long since, I procured a fine autograph of Mathurine de Vallois, who was Henri's jester or ''fool''. You will doubtless remember that she figured in the assault on Henri by Chastel, her quick wit causing Chastel's immediate capture. It is great fun to from time to time complete the picture of Henri's life and background. Probably these autographs have no value in this country, as no one would be interested in them, but their acquisition gives me a great deal of pleasure'. The pages of Vallois's letter are neatly joined together by a strip of old tape at the left edge, and with some light age wear, a few small holes and tears, otherwise VG, 2 In 1594 Mathurine de Vallois was present when King Henry IV was wounded by the assassin Jean Chatel and it was the jester herself who arrested him. The occasion was later recounted 'Mathurine it was who arrested the youth who attempted to assassinate Henri IV, on the 28th of December. This youth, who had glided into the apartment unperceived, struck at the King with his dagger. ''Devil take that fool with her tricks,'' cried his Majesty… Mathurine sprang to the door, and barring the passage, prevented the escape of the King's assailant'. However, the King, well aware of his jester's Catholic sympathies, had her arrested as a suspected accomplice. She was nevertheless able to prove her innocence and was welcomed back to her position at court.