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THOMSON BASIL: (1861-1939) British colonial administrator and prison governor who served as Assistant Commissioner ...

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THOMSON BASIL: (1861-1939) British colonial administrator and prison governor who served as Assistant Commissioner 'C' of the Metropolitan Police (1913-21). As such Thomson was head of the CID and during World War I he played a key role in arresting wartime spies and was also closely involved in the prosecution of Mata Hari and Sir Roger Casement. Thomson was also a successful novelist. Small group of letters comprising a T.L.S., Basil Thomson, one page, 4to, New York, 24th January 1923, to the publisher F. N. Doubleday, on the attractive printed stationery of The Waldorf Astoria. Thomson thanks his correspondent for their sailing instructions and further continues 'I have received from Mr. Beecher Stowe a note to say that you do not see your way to republish any of the books which I sent you. I am now venturing to send you two more just received from England. The ''Indiscretions of Lady Asenath'' does not bear any date. I should be glad if you could have both books considered by your reader and let me know your decision. ''Lady Asenath'' won a good of credit from the English reviewers'; an A.L.S., Basil Thomson, one page, 8vo, New York, 29th January 1923, to Mrs. Doubleday, on the printed stationery of The Waldorf Astoria. Thomson states that he enjoyed his 'little visit' to her and adds 'I wish it could have been longer but I did not realize what American after-luncheon oratory could be!', further remarking that he is looking forward to seeing her in Nassau. With blank integral leaf; a second T.L.S., B H Thomson, one page, small 4to, Hotel Majestic, Paris, 2nd January 1919, to Wellesley. Thomson writes, in full, 'I was delighted to see your name in the list this morning. I felt sure it must come before long, considering the important work you have been doing, but the Foreign Office appears to be not over-lavish in its recognitions'. Together with John Nott-Bower (1892-1972) English police officer who served as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police 1953-58. T.L.S., J. Nott-Bower, one page, 8vo, London, 29th June 1954, to the noted autograph collector R. E. Donaldson Rawlins, on the blind embossed stationery of New Scotland Yard. Nott-Bower states that he is happy to oblige his correspondent, remarking 'I take it my signature to this letter will suffice'. Also including Milovan Zoricic (1884-1971) Croation criminal judge and football official, one of the founders of HASK Zagreb in 1904 who translated the rules of football into Croatian in 1908 and who, in 1912, became the first president of the Croatian Football Federation. Blue ink signature and three additional words in his hand on a small oblong 12mo card. Generally VG, 5