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M. A. Pol. The History Of Napoleon. Volume 3.

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M. A. Pol. The History Of Napoleon. Volume 3.
SPb. In the printing office of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. 1846. 448 p. Hardcover, size 13.5 x 21 cm. Scuffs and defects of the binding, torn spine top and bottom, owner's marks in the text, the title falls out, split before the title, traces of moisture on some pages. T

Nikolai Alekseyevich Polevoy (1796-1846) - a famous journalist and writer of the Pushkin era, critic, author of historical works. N. Polevoy was born in Irkutsk, and received his education at Moscow University. Early discovered a craving for journalism. As a ten-year-old child, he planned to publish the Newspapers "Asiatic Vedomosti" and "Friend of Russia"in Irkutsk. The Moscow Telegraph (1825-1834), the first independent enterprise Of N. Polevoy, became the most important publication in the history of Russian journalism. P. Vyazemsky, N. Yazykov, E. Baratynsky, A. Pushkin and many others collaborated with him. Mention should also be made of the fact that the term "journalism" was introduced in the 1820s by G. N. A. Polev. In the 1830s, he devoted himself to writing historical and dramatic works. He owns a number of popular books about historical figures in the history of Russia.

The turn of the XVIII-XIX century became a favorite topic of N. A. Polevoy. The 10-volume Russian history that he conceived was to cover the reign of Alexander I, when the victory over Napoleon was won, and among other works was the History of A.V. Suvorov, already published in 1843, with a description of the Italian campaign of 1799.the History of Napoleon, as the last work of the author published during his lifetime, logically continued this list. For several decades, this work by N. A. Polevoy remained the most extensive biography of Napoleon in Russian.
All five declared volumes of the History of Napoleon were published in 1848, although they began publication in 1844, and received censorship permission to print in 1845, a year before the author's death. Some parts of the book were completed by Xenophon Polevoy, the younger brother of N. A. Polevoy, according to the preserved plan and with the help of the huge library about Bonaparte that remained in the author's house.
In total, the story is divided into 14 books, United in 5 volumes, covering the period from 1789 to 1821. the Third volume consists of the eighth book (the War in Germany, Jena and Auerstet), the ninth (the War with Russia. Preisisch-Eylau, Friedland, Tilsit world) and the tenth (Events after the Tilsit world. The Spanish War).